“…Send The Rod Of Thy Strength Out Of Zion…” (Psalm 110:2)

Beloved All

Grace, peace and mercy be unto you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

During our Solemn Assembly two years ago, the Lord showed to us how to “Make All Things According To The Pattern…..” and this was followed last year by His promise: “But Upon Mount Zion………”. As we averred last year, these themes were not arbitrary, but flowed from the prophetic declarations at the Summit of Nations (SON) and the Ministers’ Leadership Retreats (MLR). During the SON 2016 the Lord promised us “A Little One Shall Become A Thousand, And A Small One A Strong Nation…………” and He also promised that this will not be by human effort “…. But By My Spirit……..” during the MLR 2016. This last SON in December 2017 in Gboko, the Lord was demanding to be gathered unto Him His saints, “…Those who have made a Covenant with Me by sacrifice…..”, followed on by the MLR retreat theme of *….a Living Sacrifice, for the Fire of Revival”.

How do we tie all these together? The inference from the above for those of us who have followed all these instructions from the LORD with our spirit, is that: now is the Divine timing for the fulfilment of His Divine Promise for Revival. The altar appears prepared, and our Divine High Priest is ready to put His sickle to the harvest, but there is need for living sacrifices, that the Fire of the Holy Ghost will fall upon. It is time for “saviours” to come up on Mount Zion as the bearers of the Glory to be sent out of the Church. These are the Rod of His strength, which He will send out of Zion. All we have done and all we have been doing have been in preparation for disciples who will be willing vessels for His use and agents of generational transformation.

We will encourage church pastors and ministers to announce the dates to their congregations. Similarly we ask leaders to please pass the information on to brethren in our various discipleship classes and online platforms.

Please register your attendance online as soon as possible. We look forward to see you.

Meeting: UK Solemn Assembly 2018

Date: Thursday 5 April, Registration will start 10:30am and event will start 4pm – Saturday 7 April 2018 (6pm)



Litherland High School,

Sterrix Lane,

Litherland, Liverpool


(Registration, Meals and Refreshments: – FREE)

We thank the Lord for the gift of your fellowship and trust Him, to strengthen the same in the bond of peace and of the Holy Spirit.

Grace be multiplied unto you all.

Goke Adejumo

Date(s) - 05/04/2018 - 07/04/2018
All Day

Litherland High School



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