“Revival Labours in the United Kingdom” is a labour to see REVIVAL in the United Kingdom Church. Revival is a Divine visitation which leads to the recovery of the full expression of the Body of Christ and manifestation of the testimony and supply of the Body of Christ through the power and supply of the Holy Spirit.

Commitment to a Biblical pattern of ministry which will lead to a congregational re-awakening with consequent fresh outpouring of the Holy Ghost, bringing freshness and refreshing, renewed faithfulness and fruitfulness within the Body of Christ.

Revival brings a renewal of the work of the Holy Spirit, thus bringing us into a personal walk with God and a total devotion to His cause on the earth. As it can happen in an individual’s life, so can it in a congregation, a community or a generation.

We are committed to a quest to see a fresh, widespread but sovereign revival in our generation. We trust The Lord that we will see a restoration of Biblical order as when this happened in the Acts of the Apostles, it was reported that:

“And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith” Acts 6:7 KJV

The author of every revival is God and the purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ and increase His Kingdom. The activator of revival is the Holy Spirit and men are but mere instruments, mere vessels and channels of revival.

The ark of God must be borne on the shoulders of sanctified men.

God’s method of raising such men for His move in every generation has always been by discipleship – whether in the old or new testament.

Jesus Christ is the Divine pattern Son both for life and ministry, we see that discipleship was His chosen method, so also followed the apostles in His steps. To raise agents of transformation in our times cannot be by different methods or means.

This is the basis for our revival labours to see God send this promised revival into our various congregations, towns, cities within the United Kingdom and other nations of Europe and beyond, by the hands of men and women who are Divine arrows of revival, shaped, sharpened, trimmed and polished for revival.

We need men and women in the Church who have received the gospel, the full gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Disciples who have known the Truth, live in deliverance, freedom from the penalty, power and dominion of sin.

Men and women who will confront the present conceptual decay and moral confusion, both within and outside the Church. Every time in every generation that God is allowed to raise such men and women for His own glory, the heavens open and His Presence descends gloriously.

We believe that as The Lord opens the door of His Church to us in the United Kingdom, He will lend unto us vessels, whom He will prepare for this imminently coming revival. We are not a church organisation or denominational body, but we serve the Body of Christ without boundary.

To find out how we can work together in raising agents of transformation, please explore our outreaches and other materials on this website and also do not hesitate to contact us.

God bless you and do have a fruitful browsing through these pages.